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Make the journey of peace and enlightment

    Celebrate Unity’s Twelve Powers for an Abundant Life in our tranquil Kansas City Prayer Garden. Here, you’ll find 12 sculptures created by sculptor Barry Eisenhart, a famed artist based in Kansas City. Combined with the Anahata, or Heart Chakra, the Twelve Powers are symbolically aligned with the 12 petals of the Heart Chakra. Likewise, there are 12 sculpted iron petals connected by a circular path that unifies the grounds surrounding Unity’s iconic Tower. Each petal represents a singular power:

    What Are the 12 Powers?

    • Faith
    • Strength
    • Love
    • Imagination
    • Dominion
    • Wisdom
    • Will
    • Understanding
    • Order
    • Release
    • Enthusiasm
    • Life

    Those making the journey through our Kansas City Prayer Garden are urged to stop at each petal and contemplate its meaning while they immerse themselves in nature. While you're here, take time to reflect in the beautiful rose garden featuring "the cup runneth over" fountain or visit one of the many prayer chapels to further your journey of peace and enlightenment. 








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